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Last Updated: 26/02/2024

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Juwai is Shillong Teer ?

Juwai Teer: A Unique Archery Game from Northeast India

Nestled amid the verdant landscapes of Meghalaya in Northeast India, Juwai Teer stands as a captivating traditional archery game, weaving together ancient artistry, prediction, and chance into a truly distinctive experience that has enthralled locals and visitors for generations.

Originating from the Khasi tribe, an indigenous community of Meghalaya, Juwai Teer finds its etymology in the town of Juwai, while “Teer” translates to “arrow” in the local dialect. This sport gained momentum in the mid-20th century and has since become an integral part of the region’s cultural tapestry.

Played in a designated field known as the “Teer Ground,” the game unfolds on a vast open space with a target area at one end. The target, called the “Umpire,” comprises a bundle of hay or straw on a wooden frame, positioned approximately 50 meters away from the archers, adding an element of challenge.

Juwai Teer distinguishes itself not only through its gameplay but also by incorporating predictions and betting. Prior to the archery, participants engage in “Teer Dream,” a betting event where they wager on the last two digits of the total arrows shot that day. Dreams are interpreted for symbolic meanings, influencing the selection of lucky numbers.

The main event commences in the afternoon, with skilled archers from local clubs taking their positions. The atmosphere buzzes with anticipation as arrows are released with precision towards the target. Unlike conventional scoring, Juwai Teer’s outcome is determined by the last two digits of the total arrows shot. For instance, if 567 arrows are released, the winning number is 67, with players betting on this number claiming victory.

Beyond its thrill, Juwai Teer serves as a livelihood for many locals, contributing significantly to Meghalaya’s economy. Drawing global tourists eager to witness this cultural phenomenon, the sport has led to job opportunities for archers, umpires, and event support staff. It has also spurred local infrastructure development, with teer counters, cafes, and guesthouses near the Teer Grounds enhancing the overall experience and generating revenue for the community.

Recent efforts to broaden Juwai Teer’s appeal include online platforms, allowing enthusiasts worldwide to participate remotely. This has amplified the game’s popularity and accessibility, connecting a diverse audience to the thrill of Juwai Teer.

More than a mere archery game, Juwai Teer embodies the rich cultural heritage of Northeast India. It encapsulates the essence of camaraderie, anticipation, and a touch of luck that has fascinated generations. Whether one is an archery enthusiast, a curious traveler, or someone seeking an unforgettable experience, Juwai Teer promises a unique adventure that leaves an enduring impression.