Diwali 2023: The Best Places to Visit in India


Diwali 2023, the festival of lights, is a joyous celebration that marks the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. India, with its rich cultural diversity and heritage, offers a plethora of awe-inspiring destinations to explore during this festive season. From vibrant fireworks to mesmerizing decorations, every nook and corner of the country comes alive during this time. To ensure you make the most of your Diwali vacation, here is a comprehensive guide to the best places to visit in India during Diwali 2023.

1.Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh


Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Rama, holds a special significance during Diwali. The entire town is adorned with countless diyas (lamps) and decorative lights, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. The grand Ram Leela performances and the vibrant Ramlila processions showcase the rich cultural heritage and the deep-rooted traditions associated with the festival. Visiting Ayodhya during Diwali offers a spiritual and cultural journey that reflects the essence of India’s mythological history.

2. Exploring the Glorious City of Jaipur for Diwali


A trip to the ‘Pink City’ during Diwali is an immersive experience that encapsulates the rich cultural tapestry of Rajasthan. As you venture into the resplendent streets, the illuminated beauty of Amer Fort stands as a testament to the regal heritage of the region, casting a spellbinding aura under the night sky. The vibrant bazaars, adorned with an array of traditional handicrafts and local delicacies, evoke the festive spirit in every passerby, creating an ambiance of joy and celebration that truly defines the essence of Diwali in this majestic city.

3. Diving into the Spiritual Aura of Varanasi On Diwali


Varanasi, the spiritual capital of India, exudes an unparalleled aura of devotion and cultural reverence during the auspicious occasion of Diwali. As you meander through the labyrinthine alleys, the city comes alive with the flickering glow of countless diyas adorning the ghats, creating a celestial spectacle that reverberates with spiritual fervor. The mesmerizing Ganga Aarti, a ritualistic offering to the sacred river, elevates the ambiance to a transcendent experience, evoking a profound sense of peace and sanctity that encapsulates the true essence of this ancient city’s Diwali celebrations.

4. Reveling in the Cultural Extravaganza of Kolkata


Kolkata, the cultural melting pot of Eastern India, embraces Diwali with an exuberance that is distinctly its own. The city resonates with the euphoric beats of cultural performances and the vibrant displays of illuminated pandals dedicated to the worship of Goddess Kali. Amidst the fervor, the sweet aroma of traditional Bengali sweets, such as the delectable roshogullas and sandesh, wafts through the air, inviting locals and visitors alike to partake in the culinary delights that amplify the joyous spirit of this festival of lights.

5. Enthralling Journey through Amritsar’s Golden Temple


Amritsar, home to the resplendent Golden Temple, becomes a beacon of unity and communal harmony during Diwali. The ethereal beauty of the gilded shrine, shimmering against the night sky, reflects the collective spirit of devotion and equality that defines Sikhism. As the community kitchens serve the warm and humble langar to devotees and visitors, the Golden Temple emanates a profound sense of inclusivity and generosity, inviting all to partake in the celebrations and experience the spiritual grandeur of this revered Sikh pilgrimage site during the festive season.

6. Mesmerizing Delight at the City of Lakes – Udaipur


Udaipur, renowned for its ethereal lakes and majestic palaces, undergoes a breathtaking transformation during Diwali, becoming a luminous paradise that enchants all who visit. The shimmering waters of Lake Pichola, adorned with floating diyas that mirror the twinkling stars above, create an enchanting spectacle that defines the romantic allure of this ‘Venice of the East.’ The majestic City Palace and the intricate Jag Mandir Palace, illuminated with intricate lighting designs, offer a visual feast that captures the essence of regal opulence amidst the exuberance of Diwali celebrations.

7. Cultural Immersion in the Heart of Delhi


Delhi, the bustling capital of India, pulsates with an unparalleled vibrancy during the festive season of Diwali. The city’s iconic landmarks, including the majestic Red Fort and the historic India Gate, are adorned with an array of dazzling lights that paint the night sky with a kaleidoscope of colors. The bustling markets of Chandni Chowk and Connaught Place come alive with a medley of traditional handicrafts, vibrant textiles, and an array of delectable street food, creating a delightful sensory experience for every visitor. The grand firework displays that illuminate the skyline serve as a testament to the spirit of revelry and joy that permeates the heart of Delhi during this auspicious occasion.

8. Soaking in the Tranquility of Rishikesh


Rishikesh, nestled in the serene foothills of the Himalayas, offers a unique blend of spirituality and festive fervor during the celebrations of Diwali. The tranquil atmosphere of the city is heightened by the shimmering diyas that adorn the sacred river Ganges, casting a gentle glow that reflects the profound serenity of this revered pilgrimage site. The resonant chants and hymns that echo through the ashrams and temples create an atmosphere of spiritual transcendence, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the introspective and meditative essence of Diwali celebrations in this enchanting town.

9. Experiencing the Spiritual Grandeur of Mathura


Mathura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna, radiates with a spiritual fervor that is truly unparalleled during the festivities of Diwali. The city’s vibrant streets and ancient temples come alive with an effervescent energy, as the jubilant sounds of bhajans and the fervent devotional chants fill the air with an aura of divine celebration. The vibrant and colorful processions that traverse the city streets, depicting various tales from Hindu mythology, offer a visual spectacle that encapsulates the rich cultural heritage and religious significance of this revered pilgrimage site during the auspicious occasion of Diwali.



Goa, famous for its sandy beaches and vibrant nightlife, undergoes a breathtaking transformation during Diwali. The state radiates a different charm as the streets light up with colorful lanterns and traditional oil lamps. The electrifying atmosphere, combined with the alluring aroma of local delicacies, creates an unforgettable experience. Celebrating Diwali in Goa offers a unique blend of festivity, beachside relaxation, and cultural indulgence.


Q: What is the significance of Diwali in India?
A: Diwali holds immense cultural and religious significance in India. It symbolizes the victory of light over darkness and good over evil.

Q: What are the traditional customs of Diwali in India?
A: Lighting earthen lamps (diyas), exchanging sweets, and performing Lakshmi puja are some of the traditional customs observed during Diwali.

Q: How do people celebrate Diwali in different parts of India?
A: Diwali is celebrated with various regional customs and traditions across India. Each region has its unique way of commemorating the festival.

Q: What are some safety tips to keep in mind during Diwali celebrations?
A: It’s essential to handle firecrackers responsibly, keep a first-aid kit handy, and ensure the safety of children and pets during the festivities.

Q: Which is the best time to visit India during Diwali?
A: The festival usually falls in October or November, making it an ideal time to experience India’s vibrant culture and festive spirit.


Embrace the spirit of Diwali and embark on a journey through India’s rich cultural tapestry during this festival. From the divine tranquility of Varanasi to the lively fervor of Mumbai, each destination offers a unique and unforgettable experience. Immerse yourself in the vibrant celebrations, indulge in the local customs, and witness the unity that resonates in the air during this joyous festival. Let the radiance of this festival guide you through an exploration of India’s diverse heritage and traditions.

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